Can Pizza Resolve Family Disputes?

Can Pizza Resolve Family Disputes?
There has been research done that sitting round a table as a family helps to ease tension. When many families only come together at Christmas time, a impromptu gathering may work wonders. As long as everyone remembers to turn up.
There’s always the problem on what pizza to have. Margheita or Four Seasons? Marina or simple Cheese and Tomato? If you buying take outs it is best to get a selection or get something like a Four Seasons where family members can chose which slice they eat.
Some people don’t like takeaway pizza and prefer to cook it themselves. Given a pizza base it is remarkably easy to create a pizza from scratch, and why not chose a whole meal base for extra healthiness? Or maybe use garlic bread as a base and add toppings? But anyway it’s not so much the pizza that matters, it’s the company. That’s when the family mediation occurs.
If the problem is lack of conversation, it is surprising effective how meeting as a family can help, even if it lack of conversation between a husband and wife, parent and child or grandparent and grandchild. The problems usually come to distance and proximity as far as families are concerned. If you never see someone you feel you lose touch. However if you see someone everyday you might feel sick of the site of each other. These sorts of events might help to highlight any issues you have and reach a compromise.
If you can’t think of what to talk about straight away, make some notes and come back to the table, taking your piece of pizza with you. It needn’t be about the family in general, it might be something you’ve heard on the news or seen on the web. Even the slightest detail can start a full blown conversation but you’ll never know unless you begin it.
The problems may not be resolved in one sitting which gives a perfect excuse to meet up again for more pizza. Maybe a different venue next time, switch it round a bit. So everyone gets the chance of hosting the event. And maybe people who didn’t get a chance to talk this time might be able to open up next time.
Family mediation can seem new age and unfriendly but all it implies is a give and take of ideas. As long as someone doesn’t try to monopolise the conversation or foist their opinions on people too much, all should be well. This is why it’s always a ideal to alter things around.
It may not do anything to fix the strongest divisions in a family dynamic but it does produce a great night in and doesn’t break the bank. Isn’t that what good family meals are all about? Now all you have to do is decide which pizza you will have next time.