Oven Baked Pizza VS Frozen Pizza

Oven Baked Pizza VS Frozen Pizza

There is a surprising amount of conflict as to whether oven baked pizza or frozen pizza is better. You would expect that oven baked would easily win, but that is not necessarily the case. In this article, we will not be discussing which is necessarily better than the other overall; we will simply look at the pros and cons of each kind. After doing so, it will be up to you to choose your favourite!

Pros and Cons of Oven Baked Pizza

The most obvious pro to oven baked pizza is freshness. When eating an oven baked pizza, you will know, assuming it tastes good, that all the ingredients on it are fresh. In almost every case when it comes to food, fresh beats frozen. If you were to be served a frozen pizza from a restaurant you would probably sue them! Another pro is that oven baked pizzas tend to have better taste and quality. Whether it is an electric oven or a gas oven, baked pizzas are hot and fresh from said oven, keeping their flavour exposed and ready to be introduced to your taste buds. As for the cons, oven baked pizzas are much more difficult to cook. It is much easier to burn or make a mess of an oven baked pizza. If the temperature is too low, then it becomes soggy ad gross; if the temperature is too high you may burn the crusts. Either way, no one likes an imperfect pizza! Another con for oven baked pizza is that it takes a longer time to cook than a frozen pizza. If you plan to oven bake a pizza from scratch, it can take even up to three hours including preparation!

Pros and Cons of Frozen Pizza

The strongest pro for frozen pizza is convenience. A frozen pizza does not require any more preparation because that was already done for you. At this point all you have to do is heat it up until it’s nice and warm. Another pro is that a frozen pizza tends to be cheaper than an oven baked pizza. Whether you’re buying from a restaurant or a fast food delivery service, frozen pizzas are almost always cheaper, if not half the price! One last pro is that frozen pizza is most often better for you than an oven baked pizza. A frozen pizza tends to have less calories and sodium than your regular oven baked pizza. The easiest con to predict is the lack of freshness. Freezing food almost always decreases the amount of flavour inside of it, not to mention its nutritional value. This brings us to the other con for frozen pizza; quality of taste. It is almost unheard of that anyone would consider a frozen pizza as tasting better than an oven baked pizza. Specialist Hotel cleaning service

So Now You Know

So, which pizza would you prefer? Would you want the cheaper frozen pizza with half the taste, or the more expensive but better tasting oven baked pizza? It’s up to you to decide!