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Why is American Pizza Culture so Strong?

Why is American Pizza Culture so Strong?

Most Americans are absolutely in love with pizza! Americans eat about one-third of the pizzas made in the whole world! One-third! So why is it that Americans love pizza and eat it so much more than everyone else. (Aside from the fact that pizza is delicious!) Let’s delve a little into the history of the great pizza, shall we?

Italian Influence

Once upon a time in the year 1900, adverse economic conditions had forced four million southern Italians to move to America. These poor Italians were in the habit of making home-made pizza and sold it to the Americans at very low rates. The Americans were quite fond of this pizza as it was both tasty and cheap at the time. In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi applied to the New York City government for the first license to make and sell pizza in America. He made it at his grocery store on Spring Street in a wonderful Italian-American neighborhood. Lombardi’s pizza was one of any to spring up over the following 45 years. Every few years a new grocery store or pizzeria would open up in various states. More and more Americans began to buy pizza on a regular basis.

1945-1960’s Pizza Extravaganza!

pizzaBy the year 1945 the beginnings of what I like to call ‘the Great Pizzeria Extravaganza’ set in motion. Pizzerias popped up all across the country. By the end of the 15 year period, you couldn’t even walk into town without seeing at least two or three pizzerias! Eating pizza became a regular thing for workers. It was the perfect lunch break food because you could easily share it amongst your social group; not only would that save you money, but it also allowed you to eat something that is simply designed perfectly! Even better was the fact that at this time, all those pizzas were home-made! The dough was put together in the homes of those who were working there, as well as the tomato sauces sometimes too. Many of them even made their own mozzarella cheese from scratch!


Then there was Fast Food Pizza

Just before the end of ‘the Great Pizza Extravaganza’ places like Pizza Hutt and Dominoes started opening. These pizza places were very different from the other ones. The pizzerias that had been opening up until now were selling home-made pizzas. These new fast food Pizza places were selling pizzas made right there in the store. Their doughs were premade, as were their cheeses. They would buy in meats and vegetables on a daily basis and cook them just before placing them on the pizzas in order to get them out faster. Since these fast food pizza places opened up, many of the home-made pizzerias had no chance to support their business, due to their inability to produce pizzas as fast as the fast food branches. So, nowadays, it is very easy and not at all stressful to order a pizza in America. Based on these findings, it is not that much of a surprise that pizza culture in America is so strong!

Throwing a Fast Food Party

Throwing a Fast Food Party

It’s always nice to throw a party where you don’t have to cook anything! Sometimes people will go out somewhere and buy food there while the party goes on; but what if you still want the party to be in your home? Well, the easiest solution to that is to throw a fast food party! Fast food parties are not as uncommon as you might think. Just what kind of fast food would you expect to be the most popular for such an occasion? Would you say it would be McDonald’s burgers and fries? Hardly! What about KFC chicken? That’s a little more reasonable but still far from the mark! The most popular fast food to throw a party with is, of course, pizza! A pizza party! If you let all your friends know that you’re having a fast food pizza party, I can assure you, many will come! So, now that you have a plan, all you have to do is figure out how to execute it!


Find Out How Many are Coming

Before you go ahead and start ordering pizzas, you need to know how many people plan to come. Depending on the number of people coming is on how many pizzas you would order for that time. If you have just one or two people coming then you may only need one pizza; whereas if you have 20-30 people coming you may want seven or even eight pizzas. You should also be thinking about how much the people who are coming are likely to eat. If you’re throwing a party for a bunch of health-conscious women and a few others, you may want to cut out a couple of pizzas; you wouldn’t want to be eating leftover pizza for the next week!

The Bigger the Better!

pizzaTry to order large pizzas if at all possible! This is not only to save you money, but also because it makes people more excited to see bigger pizzas. Probably the best sized of pizza is 18 inches, but again, it depends on how many people you’ve invited. The bigger a pizza is, the more filling each slice is. (Assuming of course that the number of slices remains the same) The best part about it is saving money; on average an 18 inch pizza will save you about 30% over and above a 12 inch. It will depends on the pizza place, obviously, but for the most part if you order a larger pizza you end up saving money.


Got any Vegetarians?

Now that you’re actually ordering pizzas, don’t forget to keep track of who likes what, especially if there are vegetarians in your group. The majority of pizzas are heavy on meats, so if you do have potential vegetarians coming to your party, make sure to have at least one vegetarian pizza as well! Aside from that, just try to have some variety so that everyone will have at least one pizza that they are fond of; follow these steps and you’re going to have an awesome fast food pizza party!

How to Make Healthy Vegetarian Pizza

How to Make Healthy Vegetarian Pizza

It’s not too difficult to make your own pizza at home, is it? You make some dough; add your tomato paste and toppings, sprinkle some cheese on it and you’re away! This may be true, but what if you’re a vegetarian? A few changes would need to be made in order to make a pizza that was vegetarian. Not only would it have to have no meat, but it would have to be a healthy pizza too, otherwise why would a vegetarian eat it? Well, here’s one idea of how to make a basic vegetarian pizza:

Buying/ Making Your Dough

The easiest way to make a pizza is to simply buy some pre-made pizza dough. This doesn’t work out well for everyone though. How will you know if that dough is healthy or not? Most of the time, it won’t be; this is why we suggest you make your own home-made pizza dough. It is recommended that you alter any ordinary dough recipe, by switching out half the white flour for whole-wheat flour. Whole-wheat flour is better for you, but you can’t just use this flour or your dough won’t form properly. This is why you should just use half the total flour mixture as whole-wheat flour. Once your dough has been left for at least an hour and re-kneaded, roll it out into a thin pizza crust. Do you best to make the dough rounded, but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. A little trick that you can try is rolling up the edges to form the crust in such a way that the remaining dough is as round as possible. Once that’s done, transfer it to a non-stick baking tray or pizza stone if you have one and get ready to place toppings!

Preparing Your Pizza

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees Celsius. Here’s where it gets interesting. You shouldn’t be using a typical tomato paste on this pizza as those are high in sodium. Instead you’re going to make your own paste. You’ll need to gather 1 cup of black beans, ½ cup of chopped roasted red peppers, an average size clove of garlic, cut into quarters, a tablespoon of chili powder, and ¼ teaspoon of salt. All these ingredients will be placed in a food processor until you have a smooth paste. Spread the paste over your dough base. Next, sprinkle about a cup of Monterey Jack cheese over the paste. Following these will be your vegetables. These are entirely up to you, but we’ve found that the best combination is a couple of diced tomatoes, three or four sliced scallions, about ¼ cup of black olives, as well as two tablespoons of chopped pickled jalapenos. Once you have placed all you toppings on the pizza, simply put it in the oven and leave it to cook for about 15-20 minutes, or until the crust is a gold brown. After it’s been cooked, congratulations! You get to enjoy one of the tastiest pizzas you’ve ever made!

How to Make a Good Pizza Dough

How to Make a Good Pizza Dough

Pizza, or as some call it ‘pie’, is a globally loved food. It can be a little expensive to buy all the time, however, so many people try making their own pizza. Perhaps some of you are also interested in this idea? Well, let’s start with the basics; pizza dough! Pizza dough is not as easy to get right as you would expect and requires precise action in order to produce that nice crispy crust. Let’s go through the steps, shall we?

Initial Preparation

The first thing to do is wash your hands! After doing that get 1kg of flour and about a teaspoon of salt. Sieve these two ingredients together on a clean surface, like your table for example. If you do not wish to dirty your table, then you can use a chopping board; it needs to be big enough for the finished pizza dough size though! Once you’ve sieved them together make a well in the middle. There should now be a gap in the centre of the flour and salt mixture.

Other Dough Components

pizza doughGather 14-15 grams of yeast, as well as a tablespoon of caster sugar and four tablespoons of olive oil. Fill a jug with 650 millilitres of lukewarm water. Once you have these, add the yeast, caster sugar, and olive oil to the water and mix them together. Once mixed, leave them there for a few minutes so they can settle. Once this is done, pour the contents of the jug slowly into the well in the centre of the dry ingredients. Use a fork to slowly fold the flour mixture into the liquid. Make sure to pour slowly or else your liquid might flow too far and pour away from the flour! When all of the jug’s contents have been mixed in, use your clean hands to knead the dough until it is all even and smooth. Make sure to put flour over your hands before you knead so that the dough doesn’t stick to you!

pizza dough

Treating the Dough

Place your dough in a large bowl, after it’s been dusted with flour. Cover the bowl with a slightly damp cloth and leave it in a warm place for at least an hour, or until the dough is twice the size it was before. Once it has doubled in size put the dough back on the flat surface. Knead it again to push out all the air bubbles. You don’t need to knead it for long this time. Once this is done you can either use it straight away, or keep it wrapped up in the fridge until you need it. These are the basics on how to make your own pizza dough! There are many different recipes, so you can experiment if you wish, but this one tends to work great for me! Just follow the above steps and you will have your perfect pizza dough in no time!

Oven Baked Pizza VS Frozen Pizza

Oven Baked Pizza VS Frozen Pizza

There is a surprising amount of conflict as to whether oven baked pizza or frozen pizza is better. You would expect that oven baked would easily win, but that is not necessarily the case. In this article, we will not be discussing which is necessarily better than the other overall; we will simply look at the pros and cons of each kind. After doing so, it will be up to you to choose your favourite!


Pros and Cons of Oven Baked Pizza

The most obvious pro to oven baked pizza is freshness. When eating an oven baked pizza, you will know, assuming it tastes good, that all the ingredients on it are fresh. In almost every case when it comes to food, fresh beats frozen. If you were to be served a frozen pizza from a restaurant you would probably sue them! Another pro is that oven baked pizzas tend to have better taste and quality. Whether it is an electric oven or a gas oven, baked pizzas are hot and fresh from said oven, keeping their flavour exposed and ready to be introduced to your taste buds. As for the cons, oven baked pizzas are much more difficult to cook. It is much easier to burn or make a mess of an oven baked pizza. If the temperature is too low, then it becomes soggy ad gross; if the temperature is too high you may burn the crusts. Either way, no one likes an imperfect pizza! Another con for oven baked pizza is that it takes a longer time to cook than a frozen pizza. If you plan to oven bake a pizza from scratch, it can take even up to three hours including preparation!

Pros and Cons of Frozen Pizza

pizzaThe strongest pro for frozen pizza is convenience. A frozen pizza does not require any more preparation because that was already done for you. At this point all you have to do is heat it up until it’s nice and warm. Another pro is that a frozen pizza tends to be cheaper than an oven baked pizza. Whether you’re buying from a restaurant or a fast food delivery service, frozen pizzas are almost always cheaper, if not half the price! One last pro is that frozen pizza is most often better for you than an oven baked pizza. A frozen pizza tends to have less calories and sodium than your regular oven baked pizza. The easiest con to predict is the lack of freshness. Freezing food almost always decreases the amount of flavour inside of it, not to mention its nutritional value. This brings us to the other con for frozen pizza; quality of taste. It is almost unheard of that anyone would consider a frozen pizza as tasting better than an oven baked pizza!


So Now You Know

So, which pizza would you prefer? Would you want the cheaper frozen pizza with half the taste, or the more expensive but better tasting oven baked pizza? It’s up to you to decide!

Different Types of Pizza Around the World

Different Types of Pizza Around the World

It’s safe to say that the majority of people love pizza! Invented by Raffele Esposito, the word pizza meant ‘pie’ in Italian. This is why in some countries pizza is actually called pie, or even pizza pie. Regardless of its origin and meaning, the taste of pizza is what people really care about! Pizza comes in many different forms. Over the years, various countries have created their own unique versions of pizza. Here are a few of the highlights!


pizzaThe Neopolitan pizza, originating in Italy, is what people think of as the original pizza. Most pizza is based around this style; rounded crust with a tomato paste and toppings of various kinds. Usually the Neopolitan is coated with cheese, either above or below the toppings. Regardless of its originality, this pizza is delicious in its many forms!


LangosLangos was invented in Hungary and as the country name indicates, this pizza style will cure your hunger! Instead of regular pizza dough, this pizza uses a deep fried flatbread, topped with sour cream, meat, and garlic butter. The combination of foods is quite simple but very heavy on the stomach, leaving you no room for more even though it is quite small! This pizza is most often sold as street food both in Hungary and the neighbouring countries.

New York Style

new york pizzaI’m sure you can guess where this pizza is from; if you guessed New York, then congratulations! You’re very observant! The New York style pizza is similar to the Neopolitan pizza from Italy. The main differences are the thinner crust and the topping choices. Instead of a multitude of toppings with cheese to finish it off, the New York style pizza has cheese underneath with peperoni on top. Simple, but fantastic!

Deep Dish Pizza

pizzaFirst made in Chicago, the deep dish pizza is like a regular pizza, except that it’s about three to four inches tall! The inside of the several inch crust is a thick layer of tomato sauce with multiple layers of toppings and cheeses. This pizza is best shared and is not for the faint of digestive systems!


pizzaYou’ve probably guessed that this pizza is from Japan and you would be correct! This pizza is quite small and used more as a snack than a full on meal. The most common toppings for this pizza are cabbage, pork, noodles, and squid! Once these toppings are baked on top of the batter, an egg is cracked over the top and some okonomiyaki sauce is drizzled on top. It may sound strange to some people, but this meal is incredibly popular in Japan!

Scallion Pancake

pizzaThe Chinese Scallion pancake does not resemble what you would expect a pizza to look like. In essence, this food is flat bread with either pork or vegetables inside it. The flat bread is rolled first off; then the insides are added and rolled into the middle of the dough. After this, the Scallion pancake is fried on each side for a few minutes until nice and crispy. It may not seem like a pizza to you and me, but to the Chinese, this delicacy is the best pizza on the planet!

Everything you always wanted to know about Pizza.

Whether it is called “pita” (Greece) or “flammekueche” (widespread among German-speaking populations) or “rieska” (in Finland), the ingredients on which this type of white bread is prepared, Of rounded and flattened form are always the same: flour, water and salt.

This variety of bread, used as a base for seasoning or stuffing with the ingredients typical of the local cuisine, is present on almost all European tables, although it is in the Mediterranean region that it is best represented with The Greek “pita” and the Arabic “kebab”. The Italian “pizza” belongs to the same family. The origin of its name is still uncertain, although there are two major hypotheses: the first is that the word “pizza” comes from the Greek “pita”; The second is that its name would derive from the past participle of the Latin verb “pinsere” (“flatten”), to indicate the gesture of flattening the dough accomplished during its preparation.

If its etymology remains uncertain, it is not the case of its place of birth: it is Naples. Or, more precisely, from Torre del Greco, a district on the outskirts of Naples, where, in the first century, the Saracens introduced the pizza to the spelled that they used to consume during one of their incursions. Thereafter, the wheat flour was substituted for the spelled and thus the first pizza was born, white, with oil and garlic. It was only after the discovery of America that the tomato joined the other ingredients and the first pizza with tomato dates from the sixteenth century. Thus, pizza, thanks to its long journey, from its departure from the Middle East to its return from the New World, has become the consumed product in the whole world that we know today.

Nowadays, pizza comes in endless forms, just have a little imagination and a good choice of ingredients available. But originally there were only three variants: white pizza with oil and garlic, marinara (tomato, oil, garlic and oregano) and margherita (tomato, mozzarella and oil). The incontestable flavor of the margherita is known to all, but few are probably those who know the anecdote behind this dish. In the summer of 1889, the Italian king Umberto I and his wife, Queen Margherita of Savoy, went to spend their holidays in Naples at the palace of Capodimonte, and the queen, intrigued by this dish adored by the Neapolitans, At the Court the pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito and his wife, Rosa. The couple prepared a pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil to pay tribute to the Italian tricolor flag. In honor of the Queen, who, according to the chronicles of the time, appreciated the recipe very much, the pizzaiolo Esposito decided to call it “Margherita”. This is how legend explains the origin of the margherita, queen of pizzas.